Faced with the urgency of making the energy transition, CoevoLab offers to team up with a smart avatar, your Amikoj.

Call to Citizens


Today you will discover that amikoj are exceptionally gifted with spontaneous multi-collaboration. They will allow us, in real time, without effort and constraint, to greatly reduce the use of our cars. They are also champions of solidarity and will allow us to buy electric cars.


You will soon see a video and participate in an interactive game with your friends. You will realize that living with Amikoj is easy and transforms eco-responsible choices into opportunities.


You will be invited to a large-scale simulation. This teleportation into a virtual world will show you that Amikoj improve your quality of life while keeping your freedom to act.


Take control of citizen co-ops around the world that will adapt the solution to your reality.

Enthusiasts answer “Present”

We are more and more to regroup in social media

We will be hundreds of thousands wanting to get involved

We will be millions wanting to implement it quickly

We will use it everywhere on the planet

Our impact on the energy transition will be significant

Discover the Amikoj

Team up with an Amikoj is Now Possible

It is exciting to discover that with the amikoj, contributing to the energy transition is fun, not an obligation

We can’t wait to see how amikoj will revolutionize our daily commute

Apply (an overview)

With the Amikoj, every vehicle driving by can spontaneously become a transportation option. With every other car that each vehicle comes across, the number of ways one can arrive safely and quickly at their destination is infinite. By integrating existing transit solutions, there are no more limits and all your daily commute are now simple, effective and safe.


  • Win / Win collaborations, without effort or constraint.
  • Fewer empty seats and fewer vehicles on the roads.
  • Traffic congestion becomes a vague memory.
  • A big savings on your budget and commute time.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions finally reach acceptable limits, or better !
  • A more enjoyable life for everyone while keeping the freedom to act and choose.

Everyone can become Enthusiasts Hop in!

The Lab CoevoLab was invited to present the spontaneous collaboration to TEDx HEC on March 16, 2019.

The video will be presented here shortly.