Our sustainable citizen mobility solution

more ecological, more economical and more flexible

The Enthusiasts 3.0 are citizens coming together to develop new opportunities to move and act without further delay.

The lab CoevoLab* offers us a new approach to designing solutions where everyone wins to participate. With its virtual universes, connected objects, the evolution of the Web and its cooperatives, these solutions allow us to be smart and united in large numbers while remaining free of our actions.

An initial version of sustainable mobility has been scripted. Although obvious when you live it, like any good movie script, it can be difficult to explain.

First, we will develop a simulator for everyone to discover and make sure that it evolves to reality. We will be able to develop an operational solution that resembles us and brings us together.

We must be very numerous for the simulation to be realistic. To get together quickly, we created « Enthousiastes 3.0 » on social networks.

Join us and participate in this great innovative project that impacts your daily life.

*Coevolab: The 1st independent lab specialized in coevolution 3.0 which initiated this project. www.coevolab.com