From Dead End to Enthusiasm

The Dead End

Single-occupant car use, the preferred option to meet our travel needs, also generates congestion that destroys our quality of life and greenhouse gases that destroy our future and that of our loved ones.

The Enthusiasm

Faced with the urgent energy transition, governments are working to achieve the short-term goal of increasing the already-high cost of having and using a car. Their goal is to make driving alone even less attractive so that you end up giving up on it. You are upset because you are in a dead end.

Let's help shared mobility emerge

Let us come together and encourage those seeking to grow shared mobility opportunities while empowering participants to financially sustain themselves more easily.
Let’s share our experiences and help develop options that work for us.
Let’s find out which options meet some of our needs in order to decrease solo driving.
Let’s share our reality and teach others that if the cost of solo driving was enough to make us give it up, we should have done it a long time ago.
Let us speak with one voice and encourage our governments to find positive solutions, together, instead of forcing us.

Everyone can become Enthusiasts. Hop in!